“Everyone deserves a fair chance to bring their ideas to life. Our mission is to automate presentations and democratize great business communication”

Rajat Mishra

Founder & CEO
“The opportunity to democratize great communication for people all over the world, while working with the best minds in the industry is what excites me about”

Amod Jain

Head of Product
“I'm excited to empower companies to be more productive and efficient through innovative and intuitive solutions”

Angie Badillo

Software Engineering
“Making our customers sparkle in their presentations is what matters most.”

Ankit Nandwani

Product Management
“ enhances business communication skills while also bringing stories to life"

Ashley Streit

Business Operations
“ transforms the way we create, share and consume stories at work using technology"

Ayush Agarwal

Product Management
“Making our customers sparkle in their presentations is what matters most.”

Derek Murray

“I love working alongside a organized and motivated team solving problems. ”

Divij Sonak

Product Management
“Through the power of machine learning we are building a uniquely personalized experience for every single user.”

Naren Babu

Machine Learning
"Personalized recommendations, collaboration with colleagues and learning best practices for presentation design makes a one stop shop for all business communication needs"

Parth Jain

Product Management
"I'm proud to be part of a team that makes communication a super power for people"

Thom Johnston

Head of Customer Success
“I’m excited to be contributing to the creation of an intelligent platform that will give everyone a chance to present their ideas in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner”

Trisha Paternite

Design Simplifies, Streamlines & facilitates the process of creating a nice presentation customised to the likes of the audience, making it a super exciting product to build!

Patha Rama Krishna

Head of Engineering (India)
A great presentation is a just beautiful design and an impactful message, and takes the hassle of designing off your plate"

Sachin Kamath

Product Management
I'm excited for because I know how hard it is to make decks, and how much harder it is to make decks look great. Using makes it easy and quick"

Sam Atherton

"Making presentations is a mode of human communication like painting or singing , though less explored in behavioral sciences than the rest. It is always fun to apply ML to uncharted territory."

Shreos Roychowdhury

Head of Machine Learning


“How can our customers sparkle? How can we make a difference in society? These two questions ground me everyday.”

Deepti Juturu

Board Member
“The platform is democratizing great business communication for millions of business professionals.”

Rath Shetty

"I’m excited to help transform the anxiety-inducing task of creating a presentation into simple approachable steps through"

Nirbhay Dhapodkar

Customer Success
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